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  If you found this specific page, probably you are looking for a transportation, limousine service or car service, business for sale.

  I can talk about certain area of my knowledge - luxury ground transportation in New York Metro Area.

  As far as I know it's best place in the United States for this kind of business. Maybe Los Angeles could compete with New York City.

  Literally thousands of small (2-5 cars) and tens of big (over 50 cars) limo companies compete in New York. Different service levels: from cheap "kind of limo" who competes with yellow cabs to executive and exclusive ground transportation providers. In fact they don't really compete. If you are trying to get a car in last minute - there is small chance to get it.


  Let's start with definitions.

  What difference between car service, limousine and black car?


  Different people use different words.

  Traditionally term "car service" is used to describe cheap service and "limo" - better one. Plus most of the population understands "limousine" as a stretch and "car" as a sedan.





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